THE NOTCHES by Jon Sykes

This guidebook is the definitive resource for rock climbers looking to learn more about climbing routes in the Western White Mountains. Covering the four distinct Notches: Crawford, Zealand Valley, Franconia, and Kinsman, this guide is your go-to book complete with color photos, line drawings of popular routes, detailed maps, and historical background information on first ascents and the local characters. 

You can’t see your destination yet, but you know the cliffs are waiting. Bidding their geologic time, patiently expecting you! Up in the Notches, around a few more curves in the road, their massive architecture will suddenly soar above the trees into view. Gripping the steering wheel tighter, you can already feel the approaching grey granite tugging at you. Your day on the rock dominates your thoughts and focus.
— Ed Webster, from the Foreword to THE NOTCHES

What You'll Find in the Guidebook

  • Crawford Notch
  • Zealand Valley
  • Franconia Notch, featuring Cannon Cliff
  • Kinsman Notch, never-before-published chapter
  • over 750 route descriptions
  • 300 color photographs 
  • 22 line drawings of popular routes
  • detailed maps
  • historical notes on first ascents and people of the region